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Ibrahim Shehu

Ibrahim Shehu hails from Dogon Dawa in Birnin Gwari Local Government Area of Kaduna State. He graduated in 2001 from Leventis Foundation School; Dogon Dawa where he enrolled in immediately after secondary school. He is now a successful farmer, a business man and adjudged to be the richest man in Dogon Dawa today. His farm is located about 2km from Leventis Foundation School training farm and also about 3km from Birnin Gwari. He has 20 hectares of farmland where he cultivates 4 major crops in successive rotation. These are maize, sorghum, groundnut and soyabeans. He is popularly called Alhaji by most people in and out of his hometown, Dogon Dawa because of his sojourn to Saudi Arabia. He lives in his apartment with his wives and children and has another building under construction. He owns the biggest provision store in Dogon Dawa town and has two (2) Lorries, a personal car, a tractor and a threshing machine. More than fifty (50) labourers and other employees are currently working for him. His comment of Leventis Foundation School, am practicing what I learnt and the impact is seen in me, I share the knowledge I acquired from the Foundation with my people, they use them and also testify to the good works of God through A.G Leventis.

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