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Ahmed Mantey, Chairman, Leventis Foundation Nigeria presenting his speech.

Recently, a meeting of world leaders on climate change opened in Paris, chiefly to deliberate and negotiate a climate deal that will bring to a halt the rise of global temperature and as such, forestall the negative impacts of global warming. At stake are issues of equity and inequality, the future of food, and the trajectory of livelihoods everywhere. Through extreme weather and drought, the impact of climate change is expected to be pronounced in developing countries such as Nigeria. To this end, concerted efforts are required to ensure the resilience of agricultural production systems, among others.

Given this reality of climate change, the way we practice agriculture needs to change, and it is changing to accommodate the new demands placed on the environment and world economies. As a foundation with a mission to train farmers in sustainable and profitable agricultural practices, we are aware of this new direction and have already made commitments towards ensuring the training we offer across our different training schools remain relevant. As an example, we are investing in sustainable soil management across schools and the use of organic inputs. To achieve this, our trainers are been equipped with relevant knowledge and skills to ensure that our trainees are in turn equipped with the best sustainable practices. Overall, LFN is committed to systems approach to agriculture and natural resource management and a redirected focus on developing entrepreneurial skills in our trainees as well as a strong environmental and social responsibility.

To dwell more on the matter of the moment, it gives me great pleasure to witness this very important event. I believe that the new knowledge and skills our graduating trainees have acquired over this period at LFN Dogon Dawa will be essential in driving the required improvements in food production in your various communities and the country at large. We believe the foundation has impacted in you a new way of thinking about agriculture, of thinking about your responsibility to the society and has inspired you to be the best you can be. LFN Management wishes you well as you progress into other greater things.

To our partners, (the Government and people of Kaduna State), LFN continues to commend your dedication towards a better society through improving rural livelihoods. I want to seize this opportunity to appreciate the presence of the Commissioner of Agriculture and other Directors of the Kaduna State Civil Service. We hope the benefits of this important partnership continue to be visible in the communities we serve.

He extended LFN’s appreciation to other guests at this event, particularly the families of the graduating trainees.

To our ‘to be ex-trainees’ in moment, we are confident you will go on to put into practice all you have learnt here and hope to hear more good news as you  make your own contributions towards ending hunger and reducing poverty. Good luck!

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