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Bulus Ayuba

Bulus Ayuba,hails from Tsanin Mayau in Giwa Local Government Area of Kaduna State. He graduated in 1994.While in Training in the school; all trainers singled him out as promising and as a reliable future for the school. He is now an exporter. Most of his produce, mainly grains are now sold in Lagos and other popular cities in Nigeria. Soon after graduation, he experienced the major breakthrough when he produced tons of maize. He is usually dedicated to God’s work and maybe that is why he was compensated with high produce prices that year that gave him the first breakthrough.

He has a tractor which he uses on his farmland and also hires out to other farmers even in other states, milling machines, motorcycle, a car and a house. He also has many pairs of work bulls, which he bought with Micro credit fund disbursed to him by the school. Most of his children are in higher institutions of studies. He is a committed and trustworthy Christian. He is the current village head of Yakawada district, Giwa L.G.A. He supports his families and has this to say about Leventis Foundation. Leventis Foundation School training makes me know how to be busy at all times.

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