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The Day 2 celebration of our organization’s 30th Anniversary took place on the 31st of October, 2018 within our office complex. The celebration which comprised of exhibition and the stakeholder’s symposium had in attendance theBoard Member, A.P. Leventis,A.I. Leventis,Chairman APLORI, Phil Hall, US Ambassador to Nigeria, W.Stuart Syminton,Chairman Leventis Group Nigeria, Ahlaji Ahmed Mantey, Executive Director Leventis Foundation (Nigeria), Dr. Hope Usieta, Director APLORI, Prof. Manu, Director of WEPPA Farm, Mr. Kayode, Director Leventis Museum, OAU, Prof. Adisa Ogunfolakan, Etsu of Yaba and other dignitaries.

The events started with a second visit to the Agricultural Exhibition venue where the dignitaries together with A.I. Leventis, were introduced to the exhibitors at the event. The exhibitors included the present trainees of the different Leventis Foundation (Nigeria) agricultural training schools, the Ex-trainees and the partner organizations such as NICERT, EZ Farms, Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (FMARD), National Park Service, USAIFA, WEPPA farms, FRIGO Glass, IITA, Leventis Food, APLORI, Jemil Enterprises, National History Museum Obafemi Awolowo University, A and Shine Farms, University of Abuja entrepreneurs registered to showcase their different products.

The Stakeholder’s Symposium titled “Leveraging Agriculture for Economic Development and Youth Empowerment”had multiple speakers on climate smart agriculture, new trend for revolutionizing agriculture in Nigeria, employment opportunities for youths in agriculture: policies and interventions, food for tomorrow: innovation for agriculture, food production and agribusiness for rapid economic development in Nigeria, integrated farming system and agricultural financing and risk management as a panacea for youth involvement in agriculture.

Concluding the events, Ex-trainees were called out to tell their success stories to encourage the present trainees of the foundation to be hardworking as the price for greatness is responsibility.

In the closing remarks of the Executive Director of the Foundation, he encouraged both the present and ex-trainees of the Foundation to continue to strive and make the Foundation proud. He thanked everyone present at the event and assured the public that the organization will continue to impact the nations by training more young farmers to become successful agripreneurs.

See Pictures below…….

Dignitaries at the Leventis Agricultural Exhibition together with A.I. Leventis (Centre)

Red Carpet Picture with A.I. Leventis at the Symposium Hall within Leventis Foundation (Nigeria) Head Office Complex

The Director, Leventis Museum, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Prof. Adisa Ogunfolakan presents gifts to the Management of Leventis Foundation (Nigeria) at the Symposium

An Ex-Trainee from the Leventis Foundation Nigeria Agricultural Training School Ilesa during the success story session at the Stakeholder’s Symposium

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