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The Leventis Foundation Nigeria today announced plans towards her 30th anniversary celebration in a stakeholders media briefing session held at her office premises. In celebration of the milestone existence of the foundation, a formal unveiling of the anniversary logo was also achieved.

In an address delivered to the stakeholders present, the Executive Director of the Foundation Dr. Hope Usieta told the guests that the foundation has put together different activities to make the forth coming 30th anniversary celebration a huge success; with the Anniversary Logo unveiling ceremony being the formal commencement of the activities.

He announced the theme for the events as THREE DECADES OF SERVICE & ENHANCED LIVELIHOODS, and explained that the theme reflects all of the Foundations commitment to society in its continued efforts to give back and create well-meaning lives for participants of its training courses. He further told the guests that the events lined up will incorporate the purpose of the theme as well and listed them to include Stakeholder discourse sessions, a detailed Documentary of the Foundations milestones, and agricultural exhibitions featuring present and past students of the training schools. In addition, he announced that there will be a formal call to present a business plan for the LFN@30 Agribusiness Pitch a platform for people with great ideas to win up to N2,000,000 Seed Money for their business pursuits in Agriculture. He added that the competition will be graded in three categories producing winners who will comprise of students, past students of the training schools and the general public.

Dr. Hope Usieta further informed the crowd of the purpose behind the celebrations, which is to highlight the milestones achieved over the three decade period of the Leventis Foundation Nigerias existence. The Foundation has so far set up nine training institutes in Nigeria and Ghana, with over 25,000 youths and farmers benefitting from the training program in modern and sustainable agriculture practices. The training schools in Nigeria are located in Osun, Kano, Kaduna, Gombe, Ondo and FCT. Just recently, the Leventis Foundation recently had a ground breaking ceremony in Weppa, Edo State for the establishment of an Agricultural Management Institute in Edo State. The Agricultural training Institute was commission by the Governor of Edo state HE Godwin Obaseki on the 3rd of May, 2018 and becomes the 9th location for the Foundation to set up its training and empowerment scheme for enhancing livelihoods.

The Leventis Foundation Nigeria training institutes conduct a one year training program for young people (18-40) who are interested in agriculture with a focus on Crop Production, Rural Development, Mechanical and Livestock farming; its main objective is to train young farmers in modern and sustainable agricultural method in order to improve the agricultural sector of Nigeria.

The Executive Director told the guests that the LFN@30 Celebrations will end with a grand Gala celebration later in the year, and implored stakeholders in the Foundation to support and participate in the monumental celebrations. The Leventis Foundation Nigeria was established in 1979 with a panel of distinguished personality, and on the 26th of April, 1988 the Foundation registered in Nigeria and incorporated as a charitable company limited.

See pictures below…

Leventis Foundation Logo for the 30th Year Anniversary

Leventis Foundation(Nigeria) Staff present at the Official Launch of the 30th Anniversary Logo Unveiling

The Chairman Alhaji Ahmed Mantey (Left) and Executive Director (Dr. Hope Usieta) Right congratulate each other after revealing the logo to the press.


LFN at 30 Logo

Management Team of Leventis Foundation Nigeria

Chairman (LFN) giving his Speech

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