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Musa Tukur

Musa Tukur of Zuga village in Takai Local Government of Kano State was born into a farming family. He had primary and Teachers training education before undergoing Agricultural training at Leventis Foundation/Kano State Agricultural School, Panda.

Initially, he was engaged in farming activities with his parents, after which he started cultivating 1 hectare of Sorghum and Groundnut using local methods. In the year 1998, Musa Tukur had a training in Modern Agriculture at Leventis Foundation/Kano State Agricultural Training School, Panda. During the training, he acquired good skills in Crop Production, which include:

  • The use of improved seed varieties and agro-chemicals
  • Methods of fertilizer application
  • Crop spacing,
  • Animal husbandry etc.

After graduation from Leventis Agricultural Training School, kano, he increased his crop hectare of Millet, Sorghum, Groundnut and Cowpea, using modern farming practices. Today, he cultivates between 3-4 hectares of the crops and also engages in Animal Health Services. Also, ex-trainee has benefited from the LFN Micro-Credit scheme several times to boost his farming activities.

From the proceeds of his farming activities, the ex-trainee has made some achievements, which include:

  • Building his own residential house
  • Sponsoring himself for further education i.e. National Certificate of Education and Degree in Primary Education

The net-worth of Musa’s farm will be in the range of N2.5M to N3M.

The ex-trainee sees LFN as the only Foundation concerned with making youths self-employed and self-reliant. He also commended the foundation on follow-up visits to give technical advices and provision of financial assistance in the form of Micro-credit loans. He is quite proud of Leventis Foundation for making him an independent farmer.

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