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LFN launches its Quarterly Newsletter

Welcome to the first volume of Leventis Foundation Nigeria quarterly Newsletter! The Foundation is glad to launch this newsletter which will subsequently bring you all the exciting news about Leventis Foundation.

Thank you for being part of our 2020 activities despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. This year, even as the world is adapting to the new norms of carrying out business and everyday living, the Foundation remains committed to strengthening the agricultural sector through our various support programs and our dedicated intensive training of farmers in modern and sustainable agricultural practices.

At Leventis Foundation Nigeria, we have dedicated three decades to promoting sustainability in agriculture and food production through on-campus training and outreach programmes. In addition, the entrepreneurial component of our training ensures that our trainees acquire the required skills to start up their own businesses and help build sustainable livelihoods.

Apart from the regular one-year training, the Foundation is expanding its partnership with a view to better deliver on shared objectives within and outside the agricultural sector, while also extending the reach of consultancy services we provide. We currently consult in the following areas: Capacity Development, Value Chain Analysis, Value Chain Development, Integration and Expansion, Agricultural Research/Studies, Supply Chain Development, Supply Chain Development, Agricultural Manpower Recruitment and Placement, Market Analysis, Project Management, Rural Development, Agricultural Projects Implementation and Support, Feed formulation and Production amongst others.

The year 2020 was a challenging year for many businesses due to the novel Corona Virus Pandemic. Faced with the challenges of curbing the spread of the virus, all LFN’s training centres across the different agro-ecological zones were closed at the end of March 2020, in compliance with the directives of the Federal Government on Schools’ closure due to COVID19. However, Leventis Foundation Nigeria is putting all safety measures in place towards the resumption of training activities across our schools. Trainees’ resumption date will be communicated in due course.

In August 2020, Leventis Foundation Nigeria (LFN) in partnership with African Union (AU) Economic, Social & Cultural Council (ECOSOCC) celebrated the 2020 International Youth Day with an Agricultural Youth Summit 2020 themed:
The Agricultural Youth Summit, the first of its kind with more than 600 participants, is an initiative of LFN that provided the unique opportunity to engage and celebrate youths while converging ideas for growth and development to empower the next generation of change-makers.
Amongst the activities that marked the celebration were series of virtual and physical presentations by various speakers from diverse agricultural and business fields, two recipients received a grant sum of N500,000.00 each to help boost their agribusinesses.
Following the success of the Agricultural Youth Summit, the LFN has decided that this will become a yearly event.

In line with extending the reach of our program and partnerships, LFN and NYSC are finalizing a partnership aimed at training Corp Members in modern and sustainable agricultural practices.
This partnership would ensure the training of up to 100 Corps Members in agribusiness across LFN’s training centres as part of the LFN one-year training program. As agribusiness is one of the focal points of the country, the proposed partnership sits well in further supporting the core mandate of NYSC scheme towards empowering corps members in becoming self-reliant and employers of labour.

A.G. Leventis Foundation and Alba Graduate Business School, The American College of Greece offers Nigerian nationals Full Scholarships for MBA and MSc in Finance. Nigerians who meet the criteria below are advised to apply for the 2021-2022 academic year.

  • Two (2) full scholarships covering tuition fees (100%), accommodation (100%) and living expenses (250 Euro per month for 12 months ) for the Alba MBA program in Anthens, Greece
  • One (1) full scholarship covering only tuition fees (100%) for the Msc in Finance program. Accommodation and living expenses will be covered by student own funds.



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