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Abubakar Usman

Abubakar Usman participated in the one year modern and sustainable agricultural training at the Leventis Foundation Nigeria Agricultural Training School, Panda, Kano State in 2006. Upon graduated, he was a beneficiary of the Micro Credit Scheme which he used to acquire land and start-up a poultry farm.

Over the year, Abubakar has grown his poultry business and presently has over 5000 layers. He is also involves in breeding processes with workforce of over 20 staff.

Abubakar, through revenue generated from his business has sponsored himself through National Diploma, Higher National Diploma, became a member of a professional society, post-graduate diploma, masters degree and presently in a research programme at PhD level.

He is grateful for the opportunity he received from the Leventis Family through the Foundation not to only becoming a successful entrepreneur but also a better person academically.

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