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Aura Cristina – Intern from Earth University

We are delighted to welcome Aura Cristina , our intern from Earth University, Costa Rica (Class of 2016). An Agronomist and Natural Resource Student, Cristina who is a Colombian from Pitalito, Huila is visiting Nigeria (and Africa!) for the first time. She will be spending time at the Leventis Foundation (Nigeria) Head office in Garki, Abuja and our Agricultural Training School in Yaba, Abuja.  She interested in the field of Soil Science with a personal motivation to revolutionize the coffee industry in her own country. To achieve this, she is focusing on investigations that can improve production in this sector without compromising the sustainability of the land and its fertility. She believes that interacting with professionals and farmers in a way that enables her improve her knowledge and skills, thereby generating valuable information and technical understanding, would equip her to be able to contribute to soil conservation and the reduction of fertilizers and chemicals needed to produce food, since these are some of the major challenges currently faced by small scale farmers in her country.

While at the Foundation, she will be working closely with our training staff to establish/install the biodigester system at our LFN/FCT Agric. Training School for the purpose of generating biofuel from livestock waste. Also, she will be looking to establish a medicinal plant nursery/garden at the training school. Miss Aura is a team player with high regard for individual ability. We wish her a pleasant and rewarding time during this 15 weeks internship.

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