Women and girls represent half of the worlds population hence half of its potential. Empowering women will also mean empowering their families and communities at large. At Leventis Foundation Nigeria, we promote gender inclusion by ensuring women benefit from our training programme and as a consequence become skilled and empowered. We achieve this by ensuring an equal selection opportunity for women and actively encouraging and supporting them during the process.

Leventis Foundation Gender Equality policies ensures there is non-discrimination during our recruitment processes and in the work environment. Women are encouraged to apply for open positions as a conducive workspace is in place for created for all female employees.

Fatimas Farm sponsored by Leventis Foundation Nigeria is also aimed at gender inclusion and empowerment. It is a 20 hectares site within Weppa Farm, Edo State. Fatimas farm provides employment for rural women enabling them to earn salaries all year round. The Farm is wholly run by women, from management to all farm workers.