Training activities
Common to all Leventis Foundation Nigeria Agricultural training schools across Nigeria, the training activities are directed towards skill acquisition and capacity building in agriculture and agro-allied businesses by adopting an integrated approach. To achieve this aim, the training is structured to be 80 percentage practical and 20 percentage theory.
There are four technical departments in the schools. These are:

  • Crop production and Agroforestry (CAF)
  • Animal production (AP)
  • Rural Enterprise Development (R.E.D)
  • Agricultural Engineering (AE)
  • General Studies (AE)
  • Short Courses (AE)

The training in the school is integrated, trainees are taught in all areas of agriculture and all the departments work together to ensure that no resource is wasted. Crop residues are fed to Livestock in the animal production while animal dungs are used by crops and agroforestry to supplement fertilisation requirement of the crops. Tomato from the crop unit is processed into paste by Rural Enterprise Development to add value and increase the naira worth. Agricultural Engineering unit work with the crop production to prepare land for crop cultivation.

General studies

  • – Current Affairs – Democracy and Good Governance
  • – Leadership
  • – Sensitization about HIV/AIDs etc

This is a training organized for people who may not have the opportunity of attending the one year regular training. Married women in the northern Nigeria benefit immensely from this program. It last for a maximum of two weeks. Also, short courses are organized for the ex-trainees to up date their knowledge of agriculture