Training in this department covers three main activities which include: Farm Management and Extension services unit, Agro-processing and value addition unit and Rural Financing unit.
Under farm management and extension services, trainees are taught good farm management practices which include farm cost saving techniques, good record keeping and cooperative management of farms. Extension team from the school also follow up by visiting and technically backstopping graduates and practising farmers (ex-trainees) through on-farm training and technical advice. The unit organises short training and refresher courses including farmers’ field days, facilitate and manage practising farmers’ cooperative groups, facilitate ex-trainees interaction etc.

Training in agro-processing and value addition includes off farming season income generation activities/enterprises such as sorghum drink (kunnu Zakhi), yoghurt, tomato paste production, liquid detergent, izal, body spray etc.
Trainings in rural financing are provided to trainees, first in the school and subsequently backed up with financial assistance to ex-trainees with viable and sound business plans but lack financial power, through the Leventis Foundation Experimental Micro credit scheme (LFEMC)

  • – Basic farm management principle
  • – Development of business plan.
  • – Farm level storage
  • – Farm processing in form of value addition to harvested farm produce.
  • – Marketing of farm produce
  • – Principle of record keeping.
  • – Tie and dye skill acquisition..