Leventis Foundation Nigeria Ltd/GTE (LFN) is a charity organization that has been running agricultural training for youths and farmers since 1988. LFN works with State and Federal Governments to train farmers in sustainable agricultural methods and rational use of natural resources. The Foundation currently has six (6) schools in the different agro-ecological zones of Nigeria, located in FCT, Osun, Ondo, Kaduna, Kano and Gombe States. The Foundation has trained over 25000 youths and farmers, employing a deliberate practical training approach that helps them transition to a more profitable farming experience.

Training follows a two-pronged strategy namely; 1) one-year free on-campus intensive training in crop production, livestock production, enterprise development (to include economics of production, processing and value addition, marketing, and business plan development), and farm engineering (to include farm power and machinery, soil and water management, irrigation farming, crop processing and storage) and 2) outreach program targeting the generality of practicing smallholder farmers. Personalized trainings are arranged on demand. The LFNs support program to ex-trainees involves microloans and extension services. The Foundation also leverages her strength through partnerships.

Mission of the Foundation:

The Mission of Leventis Foundation (Nigeria) is to train farmers:

  • In more efficient farm management practices, including the maintenance and repairs of simple farm tools and equipment.
  • In improving soil fertility on a sustainable basis and adopting appropriate high-yielding crop varieties and efficient livestock production practices.
  • In valid alternatives to the practice of shifting cultivation through appropriate crop-rotation techniques, sustainable tillage and agro-forestry systems.
  • In healthy nutrition practices and family planning.
  • In post-harvest handling, storage and marketing.
  • To appreciate civic responsibilities, good governance and democracy.