Mission is to train youths:
  • In more efficient farm management, including the maintenance and repair of simple agricultural tools and equipment
  • In improving soil fertility on a sustainable basis and adopting appropriate high-yielding crop varieties and efficient livestock production practices;
  • In valid alternatives to the current practice of shifting cultivation, and in making the permanent cultivation of farmland possible by the adoption of proper crop-rotation, agro-forestry and modern tillage practices;
  • In healthy nutrition practices, value adding processing of major food commodities, family planning, first aid techniques, and handling of textiles;
  • In post-harvest handling, storage, processing and marketing;
  • To appreciate civic responsibilities, good governance and democracy.


Vision is to:
To attract youths into agriculture as well as train and support them to adopt improved, eco-friendly farming practices, and technology aimed at reducing drudgery while increasing the national food/fibre basket and ensuring enhanced sustainable livelihood for the farming families.