On 30th July, 2009, at the instance of an MOU, this school was established through a collaborative venture between Leventis Foundation and Ondo State Government.

The School is located in the rainforest zone of southwest Nigeria on a 200 – hectare land in Idoani, Ose Local Government Area of Ondo State. with an annual rainfall of between 1200 – 2000mm that gives room for two cropping seasons. The School which is co-educational, has a very rich latheric and hydromorphic valley bottom soils that support the cropping of most arable crops like maize, rice, soybean, cocoyam, yam, cowpea, and most tree crops like cocoa, cashew, Mango, oil palm and plantains. The School keeps some cattle, piggery, sheep and goats.

The distance between the school and the Ondo State Capital (Akure) is about 100km and is bordered by 4 major towns; Afo; Ikun; Idogun and Imeri.

  • Crop: Maize, cassava, rice, cowpea, assorted vegetables.
  • Agroforestry: Oil palm seedlings production, cocoa seedlings production, assorted seedlings, orchard plantation, bee keeping, etc.
  • Livestock: Poultry, rabbit, pig, cattle, sheep and goat, fish farming
  • RED: ‘Tomapepo’ production, batik, ties and dye production, confectionaries production, etc.
  • Engineering: Simple tool fabrication