Establishment of Agricultural Training Schools strategically located in six important agro-ecological zones of Nigeria and Ghana.

Each school admits and trains between 100 – 150 youths annually for a comprehensive and for an intensive one year agricultural training. All Trainees will receive board and lodging, school and work uniforms free of charge.

Essential Component of Training Includes:

Crop Production

Eco-Friendly agriculture and agro forestry practices

Livestock Production

Agricultural Engineering (Farm Mechanisation)

Rural Enterprise Development and Farm Products Processing, Storage and Marketing

Current Affairs – Democracy and Good Governance, Sensitisation about HIV/AIDs etc

Low Investment Income Generating Schemes such as Bee Keeping, Vegetable Gardening, Mushroom Production ect

The Uniqueness of the Program:

The strength of the Programme is in its orientation towards skill acquisition through practice;

80% of training time being devoted to practical while

Only 20% of training time is for classroom work

Commitments expected from trainees:

Proof of Senior Secondary level of education

Possession or access to a minimum of 0.5 hectare to 3 hectares of and depending on the enterprise (livestock and crop) intended.

Assurance of preparedness to settle into farming (or other agro-allied) careers.