This department handles training in arable crops production and Agroforestry. The training on arable crops covers all mandate crops in the different zones of Nigeria where the schools are located. For example, in the North Western Zone of Nigeria these include: Maize (white and yellow), Sorghum, Soya beans, Cowpea, Groundnut and Popcorn. Vegetables such as amaranths, tomato and spices such as pepper are also produced during training. Training on the above crops includes dry season farming activities through the use of Fadama/irrigation facilities and also rain fed farming activities. Agroforestry training includes raising of tree crops such as oil palm and citrus, medicinal trees such as moringa, medicinal trees species and bee-keeping. It also includes raising of exotic ornamental and horticultural crops. Soil conservation practices which include crop rotation practices, the use of cover crops and erosion control practices are also taught and demonstrated in the unit.

Training received on modern method of Arable crop production based on the ecological zone of the schools:

  • – Seeds and seedlings production
  • – Permanent/plantation crop production
  • – Irrigation/dry season farming of vegetables, maize, and recently cowpea and groundnut at Panda School.
  • – Establishment of arboretum
  • – Orchard production such as mangoes, citrus, guava, etc production.
  • – Bee keeping
  • – Mush room farming
  • – Horticulture and floriculture