Leventis Foundation (Nigeria) as a charitable organization has invested its agricultural expertise to train young farmers all over the country in modern and sustainable agriculture in order to help them start or grow their businesses and in turn build sustainable livelihood. In the last three decades, the Foundation has achieved a ground breaking record of training over 10,000 young farmers in the one-year modern and sustainable agricultural with commensurate successes of diverse farm businesses ventures into by our Ex-Trainees.

In addition, the Foundation also engages in short-course training in specific aspects of agriculture based on request by partner organizations such educational institutions, philanthropic interventions programs by donors organization, government agencies, NGOs, research institutes etc.

The partnership may also involve capacity building, project implementation, project monitoring and evaluation of diverse agricultural projects.

Some of our key consultancy programs include:

  1. Agricultural Training for Youths
  2. Value Chain Analysis
  3. Climate Smart Agriculture
  4. Hydroponic Agriculture
  5. Farm Management and Accounting
  6. Feed Formulation and production

Some Organizations that Leventis Foundation has consulted for:

  1. Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) Nigeria
  2. TechnoServe Nigeria
  4. IITA
  5. UNIDO
  6. Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
  7. State Governments

Leventis Foundation Nigeria is open to partner with sister organizations, government and donors to widen its reach to farmers within the country.

You can contact us via email ( leventisfoundation@gmail.com )