In this department, enterprises that are economically viable and culturally compatible with a specific region are incorporated into the training curriculum. In the northern culture, these include Poultry production (Broilers, cockerel and laying birds), cattle breeding and fattening, rabbit and fish production. In the department, training covers cost saving and quality assuring feed formulation and compounding practices, animal health including diseases prevention and control methods (vaccination, medication, proper brooding and effective rearing)

Training on modern methods of:

  • – Poultry production (layers, broilers, cockerels)
  • – Small ruminant production (sheep and goat)
  • – Large ruminant production (cattle)
  • – Dairy
  • – Piggery production (southern schools only)
  • – Rabbitry production
  • – Snail farming
  • – Cane rat (grass cutter) farming
  • – Fisheries